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Andrea Cau
Andrea Cau


Former Product Designer @OvalMoney. Curator at UX Tales. Cosmopolita.

mobile interface, product design, prototype, ui, ux

  1. A B S T R A C T — 002 rose gold glass shapes rose palette minimal b3d abstract design blender 3d abstract
  2. A B S T R A C T — 001 b3d geometric palette cyclesrender minimal cgi blendercycles blender abstract 3d
  3. The Dungeon witcher magic eevee blendereevee isometric diorama dungeon tutorial lowpolyart lowpoly blender 3d
  4. Space Vibes space tutorial diorama lowpoly isometric art isometric blendercycles blender 3d art 3d
  5. Cyberpunk Vibes isometric blendercycles lowpoly diorama buildings 3d art blender 3d cyberpunk
  6. Old Nerdy Vibes nerdy room design retro lowpolyart lowpoly old isometric blender diorama 3d
  7. London Vibes vibes london render lowpolyart lowpoly illustration isometric diorama city blender 3d
  8. I'm joining Oval Money fintech money oval join
  9. SPACED for iPhone X spacedchallenge ios app moon planet travel space experience iphonex
  10. SPACED iOS app iphonex experience space travel planet moon app ios spacedchallenge
  11. Ambrogio - an AI assistant for iPhone X flinto ai ux ui notification notch ios todo iphonex iphone app notchless
  12. iPhone 8 - Concept navigation screens mobile ux ui ios iphone8 concept navigation ios11
  13. iPhone 8 - Concept navigation ux ui ios prototype animation principle ios11 navigation concept iphone8
  14. Reach navigation - Search  navigation animation principle ecommerce ux ui ios search
  15. Locandina - the fastest way to discover a movie mobile ux ui detail search movies posters locandina
  16. Ecommerce App  ios app ecommerce ux ui
  17. Twitch Redesign - Explore  peak sneak explore ux ui app redesign twitch
  18. Summer Onboarding walkthrough diamante drivers 3d summer ux ui principle onboarding
  19. Alert on Profile ux ui material settings animation principle app switch scontu alert
  20. Message Center UI ux app interface user ui notifications scontu center message
  21. Apple Tv Remote illustration  sketch illustration diamante apple remote tv
  22. Lamy Pen illustration sketch lamy pen illustration vector freebie goodie practice learn
  23. Map Icon  icon map gradient violet ai ps light outline cartographer shadow vector
  24. [ICON] Credito per Tre  credito per tre iphone 4 app ui restyling black grey icon ios
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